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Corporate Relationships

We are immensely grateful to our incredible corporate supporters across the UK. Business support is vital to Amigos and we couldn’t run all of our projects without it. Here are some examples of how companies are supporting us.

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Gifts in Kind

A simple way to support us is to donate services or items free of charge or at a reduced cost. Examples of businesses that have supported us in this way include Saltrock, Toptown Printers and Clevera. Saltrock have donated clothes which we can sell, Toptown Printers have allowed us to print cards, leaflets and booklets, and Clevera have helped us design this website. If you have a product or service that you think we could benefit by, whether small or large, we would love to hear from you. We pride ourselves in creating lasting, mutually beneficial links with businesses, doing our best to spread the word about the essential organisations which support us. If you are interested in donating a product or service, please get in touch

Fundraising Events

From dress-down Fridays to fancy dress days, there are endless ways you can fundraise in a way that suits your organisation. Why not organise a team at work to take on a sporting challenge for Amigos? Events are great for motivation and team building.


Many of our corporate supporters, like Applegate, Global EnglishSaleboards and Ethical Addictions support us through regular donations. This could be in many forms. Global English, for example, donate 10% of all their profits towards Amigos, while Brend Hotels ran a “Check-out for change” scheme, where guests were encouraged to add £1 to their bill on checkout, in aid of Amigos. Alternatively, you could attribute the profits from a specific product or service to Amigos, like Catherine Bishop has, where they donated all the profits from their small jewellery repairs to Amigos. If you can help us in any way with regular donations, we would be incredibly grateful. To find out more, send us an email, at

Matched Giving

Matched Giving is a joint donation by staff and the company they work for. Employees make a donation, which could be a percentage of their salary or it could be as a result of taking part in a sponsored event. Your company then matches the money raised by the employee, encouraging them in their fundraising efforts.

How we can help you:

In return for your company’s support, we will do all that we can to publicise your support. Your company would be included in the corporate stories section of our website, we will run a story on you in our e-newsletter, and also on our facebook page. We will also pursue press coverage of your support in newspapers such as the North Devon Journal and the North Devon Gazette.

Finally, if you support us through donations, depending on the amount, you could sponsor a trainee through Kira. This would mean that we put together a thankyou pack, a picture for the wall and some press coverage, all about your business supporting one of our trainees. You will also receive monthly emails and photos from your sponsored trainee which many businesses find useful for their own internal publicity, both on social media and in their own newsletters.

Again, if you have any questions about any of these benefits for our corporate supporters, please do get in touch, at, ring us on 01271377664 or pop in and have a chat, in our offices, at 3 Boutport Street (Mermaids Walk), Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 1RH

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