Why Sponsor a Child?

Help change the world, one child at a time. Just 55 pence a day makes a huge difference, not just to your sponsored child, but also in your child's community - improving the quality of life for everyone, now and into the future. Do something truly amazing today and sign up to become Amigos' newest sponsor! 

What You Receive
What You Receive

Becoming a sponsor through Amigos is an incredible opportunity to make a lasting difference in the life of a vulnerable, precious, child. Get to know them through exchanging letters and photos and build up a lifelong friendship. If you wish, you could even fly out to Uganda and visit your sponsored child.

Meet Some Sponsored Children

Read about the sponsored girls who have made it to university; Resty who now has a new home, and Emmy who can provide for his family now he has finished his schooling. There are many heartwarming stories from children whose lives have been transformed.

Stories From Our Child Sponsors
Stories From Our Child Sponsors

Becoming a sponsor with Amigos is a uniquely rewarding experience and who better to tell you about it than the sponsors themselves? Find out about the powerful, emotional impact of discovering the difference you're making in a child's life, from the very people who have taken a life-changing trip to Uganda to meet with the precious children they support.

Child Sponsorship Noticeboard

Need-to-know info about where to send your letters and cards to your sponsored child. And when Christmas rolls around, exactly where Christmas financial gifts should be sent to ensure your child receives the item most needed in their household, be it anything from a solar lamp to a bicycle.


Can I choose the child I sponsor? Is sponsoring like adopting a child? Where will my sponsored child live? How do you select which children to sponsor? How much does it cost? All (hopefully!) of your questions about the Amigos Child Sponsorship Programme are answered here.

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