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Amigos is proud to be supported by a large number of businesses and organisations, both locally and nationally. Together, with our fantastic partners, we are seeing the lives of vulnerable Ugandans transformed.

These partnerships are vital to our work and if you would like to partner with us financially, practically, or in any number of creative ways, please contact Phil Pugsley by telephone 01271 377664 or email

We would like to thank every single supporter for their generosity in partnering with us as together we seek to alleviate poverty in Uganda. Thank you!

Find out how your business can get involved

Here is a collection of some of our current and previous corporate partners...

This is a picture of the Applegate logo Applegate is a family owned business based in Devon that has been supporting the work of Amigos since the charity was formed in 2000. 'We are proud to commit to regular contributions towards this worthwhile cause. Our employees can also support Amigos throughout the year in a variety of ways, including donating percentages of wage packages every month, paying to dress down and purchasing the beautiful African jewellery and gifts brought over from Uganda. We will be continuing our support for Amigos during 2015, with many activities already planned, including a corporate team entering the London Marathon. We’d like to say a huge well done to Amigos for all of your work and thank you for the great opportunities you are giving us to support you.’ 

This is a picture of the Brend Hotels logo The Brend Hotels are great supporters of Amigos and were instrumental in helping to fund the building of Kira Farm Development Centre. Between April 2006 and March 2010 the Brend Hotels ran a ‘check-out for change’ scheme at Carlyon Bay and the Royal and Fortescue Hotels. Guests were encouraged to donate an extra £1 per stay which was given to Amigos. Over the four years £30,392 was raised for Amigos which was used to build Kira Farm.

This is a picture of the Cope Seeds logo Cope Seeds are a sales and marketing company of agricultural seeds and grain. They process a wide range of seeds both conventionally and organically which are marketed to wholesale and farmer customers throughout the UK. Cope Seeds generously give regular donations to Amigos based on their autumn and spring cereal seed sales, and have recently donated £1500 based on their organic seed sales. Amigos is extremely pleased to partner with an organisation which shares our vision of organic farming.

This is a picture of the Ethical Addictions logo Ethical Addictions buy direct from farms and villages in Tanzania and Brazil. They are committed to ethical business practices and generously donate a percentage of their profits to Amigos. Ethical Addictions has been supporting Amigos for more than 10 years and has donated thousands of pounds to Amigos over that time. We’re extremely grateful for their support. Help Amigos when you buy your coffee online from Ethical Addictions

This is a picture of the Global English logo Global English is a company which sells online TEFL courses and is a fantastic support to Amigos. Global English donate 10% of all their profits to the work of Amigos and get involved in many areas of our work here in the UK, as well as visiting Kira Farm. Which means, every time you buy an online TEFL course from Global English you are also supporting the work that Amigos is running at Kira Farm.

This is a picture of Grosvenor church's logo Grosvenor Church, Barnstaple, is delighted to partner with Amigos; practically, financially and prayerfully. Many of our members have visited Kira Farm Development Centre to experience first-hand the incredible impact of how lives are being changed from the inside out - a true demonstration of love in action. “Visiting Kira Farm for the first time was life-changing in so many ways,' says Lois Miles from the Grosvenor Youth Group. 'I went there with plans to make a difference, but found that the real difference was made in my life. The beautiful people and country have a huge place in my heart.” 


This is a picture of Inventive's logo

 Inventive, a design company made up of web developers and graphic designers in north Devon, have recently begun supporting Amigos. We're very grateful for the pull up stands they designed, produced and donated for our events work. Inventive are some of the speediest and professional people we have ever worked with and we're so glad they've joined the Amigos team!

This is a picture of Just Office's logo Just Office, a retail outlet providing office supplies, kindly donates everything from office furniture to envelopes to Amigos. The support of Just Office makes a huge difference to our UK running costs and we're very grateful for their continued commitment.


This is a picture of Kings Carpet's logo

 Kings Carpets are amongst our most committed and faithful supporters. They have been with us from the very beginning and we are hugely grateful that they have come on this journey with us. Kings Carpets have played an integral role in the development of Amigos, donating tens of thousands of pounds, and we simply wouldn't be where we are today without them.

This is a picture of Osborns Models' logo Osborns Models (established since 1992) has the UK’s widest selection of N scale and OO gauge Model Railway items, plastic kits, paints and tools. This family run business raises £2,000 annually towards Kira Farm Development Centre by organising one of the South West’s largest Model Railway Shows in conjunction with Mac McAllister of Shady Lane Models. We’re extremely grateful to Maurice, Nadine and Michael Pearce for their continued commitment and support to Amigos with this great innovative fundraising idea.




 ‘Having been to Uganda and seen the life-changing projects which Amigos are   committed to, I was completely overwhelmed by the difference a few pounds can   make. To stand on Kira Farm before the first students commenced their training        was both a privilege and an inspiration. The small proportion of our fee which we      send over to Uganda really does make a difference in helping to transform the     lives of many of those less privileged than ourselves!’ Laura Newall,       SaleBoards Director. 




This is a picture of Saltrock's Surf Company logo Saltrock is a large and thriving UK surfware company, based in north Devon, which donates samples for Amigos to sell around the country, generating a hugely beneficial income stream for the charity.
'I recently visited some of the projects Amigos is implementing and was blown away by the impact they were having, particularly amongst the farming communities in northern Uganda,' says Managing Director, Angus Thomson. 'I feel excited and honoured to be involved with such an entrepreneurial, forward-thinking charity and love the fact that I have managed to bring my two great passions together - Saltrock and Amigos. Congratulations to Amigos for all that you are doing and keep up the life-changing work. I'm so glad that every hoody helps!' 

This is a picture of Toptown Printer's logo Toptown Printers has been incredibly supportive of Amigos since our inception. They have printed thousands of greetings cards, Christmas cards, newsletters and promotional resources, which over the years have added up to a huge saving in print costs. We’re extremely grateful to Toptown Printers and their dedicated workforce for great design and print, which enables us to communicate to our supporters effectively. 

This is a picture of Trinity Church's logo Holy Trinity Church, Barnstaple, feels very privileged to support the ongoing work of Amigos. Members of the church have visited the projects in Uganda and seen first-hand the life changing impact of Kira Farm and the Child Sponsorship programme in the lives of many young people who would otherwise have little opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty. Not only do the Amigos team offer practical support, they also bring a message of hope through their love and commitment to Jesus Christ. 

This is a picture of WorldFirst's logo World First is a market-leading, international payments company who have supported Amigos in a number of different ways. 'Travelling to Uganda with a bunch of World Firsters to see first-hand the difference that Amigos is making was an unforgettable experience,' says Aimee Adams, Partnerships Marketing Manager. 'The whole business has loved being involved with fundraising efforts for Amigos and several people at World First have gone on to cement that relationship by sponsoring some children and raising £1000s. We all feel very privileged to have been able to lend our support to such a wonderful charity in some small way.' World First generously designed Amigos' annual report, raising the bar in our communications with supporters.

This is a picture of Hello Healing's logo Hello Healing is proud to be Amigos' newest corporate partner. Rebecca Cotterall, Director of Hello Healing, delivered training at Kira Farm Development Centre in 2015 on the importance of nutrition and eating varied diet. Hello Healing have committed to giving a percentage of their profits to Kira Farm and we are very pleased to welcome our newest partner on board!


Established in 1985, Philip J Milton & Company Plc is proud to be one of the largest and most successful Independent Wealth Management firms in the West Country. Having celebrated our thirtieth anniversary in 2015, the Company is looking forward to a new phase of growth, expansion and giving back where we can. We became an Official corporate sponsor of Amigos in early 2016 enabling us to do a little something by student sponsorship at Kira Farm and instilling the importance of education no matter the beginnings from where you hail. We look forward to our regular updates and seeing Kira Farm and the students go from strength to strength. We hope to enjoy such a relationship for many years to come, continuing our support for Amigos and hopefully encouraging other local businesses to do the same. 

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