Joss Stone

Amigos' Celebrity Ambassador

This is a picture of Joss Stone stood with an Amigos van in Uganda

International singer and soul sensation, Joss Stone, visited Uganda to open Kira Farm Development Centre. As a committed supporter the Devon artist has been back to the Farm for a second time to see how the project is developing.

'I think any group of people putting their lives aside to help others deserves support. Amigos is doing just that and doing a really great job of it. There are so many people living in Africa who are hardly living at all, it just seems so unnecessary,' said Joss.

While Joss was in Uganda she met with some of the children who are being sponsored to receive an education. She enjoyed visiting them at their homes and playing games with them. Joss was deeply moved by their stories.

'It makes me angry to think that people are forced to live like this and their circumstances seem like they cannot be fixed. Every little bit that any one person can contribute really does help,' says Joss.

Joss’s involvement has helped immensely to raise the profile of Amigos and encourage others to sponsor a child or support Kira Farm Development Centre. Check out Joss Stone's visit to Amigos on YouTube

Part 1 of the official opening of Amigos Kira Farm on ITV with Joss Stone

Part 2 of the official opening of Amigos Kira Farm by Joss Stone 
Part 3 Joss Stone and Soul of Africa

The clips in the news items are taken from the educational film 'Soul of Africa' created by Smith & Watson.

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